19 August 2014

Spring in WLS 12.1.3

Support for Spring Framework on WebLogic Server 12.1.3

WebLogic Server 12.1.3 supports the WebLogic Server/Spring integration features described in this document with Spring Framework versions 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and 4.0.x (note that version 3.2.x is not supported).

Other versions of Spring may be used in WebLogic Server applications without using the integration features described in this document, similar to the way other open source technologies may be used in WebLogic Server applications. In such cases, Oracle does not support the WebLogic Server/Spring integration features, but does provide support for WebLogic Server itself, and does provide problem resolution assistance if WebLogic Server is not providing documented capabilities.


29 July 2014

JVM for VisualVM

When trying to execute VisualVM you may get:

Cannot find Java 1.7 or higher.
(for 1.3.8)

Cannot find Java 1.6 or higher.
 (for 1.3.4)

VisualVM only takes paramters form JVM through arguments or values given at:


# Default location of JDK:
# It can be overridden on command line by using --jdkhome
# Be careful when changing jdkhome.
# There are two VisualVM launchers for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and
# installer points to one of those in the VisualVM application shortcut
# based on the Java version selected at installation time.

Modify :


to your JDK path.

02 July 2014

WLS Server timeout: ServerLifeCycleTimeoutVal

I wasn't able to start correctly my Admin Server, and the following BEA message appeared in the log:
<BEA-000378> <Server failed to shutdown within the configured timeout of 30 seconds. The server process will exit now.>
 This is for MBean attribute: ServerLifeCycleTimeoutVal

That can be set as System Property at java startup  command line:


where XXX are seconds for timeout.

This can be also configured thru Admin Console at:
(increasing the Server LifeCycle Timeout before executing the force shutdown)

   Domain -> Environment -> Servers -> YOUR_SERVER -> Control --> Start/Stop

More details at:


21 June 2014

08 June 2014

N Is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös (1993)

de George Paul Csicsery

Documental que habla de la vida del prolífico matemático Paul Erdös, su simpática excentricidad, reuniones con otros matemáticos alrededor del mundo en un época en la cual viajar tanto no era tan común.

Un Húngaro judio sobreviviente de la segunda guerra donde la política también le importaba, pero como siempre la veia de una forma lúdica. Son varios cortos de conversaciones con él, sus anécdotas y la explicación de el coloquial Número de Erdös, con muy simples tomas de nivel amauter que sin duda lo hicieron otros colegas de él.

Del punto vista cineasat no atrae demasiado, pero si conocer de la vida de una de las grandes mentes matemáticas que ayudó a escribir más de 1500 papers y no es masivamente conocido.

26 May 2014

Distinctive Recipes, 2nd Ed.: 12.1.2 + 12.1.1 (and 10.3.x)

This is the Second Edition of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Distinctive Recipes: Architecture, Development and Administration, where new recipes are added and several have changed a lot, including differences from 12.1.1 (and 11g) to the new architectural design of 12.1.2 (and beyond based on the road-map).

After Oracle acquisition, WLS always was considered the main tool for Middleware, and several changes were planned for it, now it is the time and this book provides detailed recipes to take advantage of them and resolves issues in a practical and quick way.

Important new chapters from new features were added, related to Node Managers, JMS and Distributed Destinations, Cluster Targeted JMS, Server Templates, among others.

It is a new upgrade for WLS 12.1.2, including tips & tricks to get the best of this world class application container.

09 February 2014

Kadon Prize

I got another nice prize from Kadon Games !!!

The place where you can find incredible fun challenging puzzle games.

10 January 2014

Regular Expressions Cookbook: Errata

Nuevo errata encontrado, ahora es uno matemático de una fórmula mal escrita... me imagino que el autor sabia que poner, pero se tuvo que traspapelar la fórmula.


Footnote 2:

If there are n characters between the double quote and the end of the string, the regex engine will try 2 1/n permutations of ‹ (?:[^"\r\n]+|"")* ›


it appears: 2^(1/n)
(this trends to 1, when n grows)

however, it must say 2^(n-1)
when n=4 the number of permutations is 8.
(thus, it has an exponential behaviour).

30 December 2013

The method assumeFalse(String, boolean) is undefined for the type Assume

When trying to compile ant project I got the next error message:

The method assumeFalse(String, boolean) is undefined for the type Assume

Well, this is because I was using junit 4.8.2 and that method's signature is available in 4.11
(maybe an earlier version).

Anyway, the good practice is to download the libraries with fetch.xml.

Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition by By Jan Goyvaerts, Steven Levithan

Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition
Detailed Solutions in Eight Programming Languages
By Jan Goyvaerts, Steven Levithan

It starts with a good analysis of online and offline regexp tools. Most known applications that can be found in the net, but doing a emphasis to his proprietary tool regexbuddy.

As a classical O’reilly cookbook splits knowledge in contextual sections. Question & Answer, without hesitation, several solution sometimes quick and dirty, but afterward a complete background and more elegant explanation of the consequences of using such approach, providing a better (maybe the best) solution.

The focus of this book is to provide several recipes, direct solution and not an introductory lexical compiler learning book. It gives solutions with many constraint for different flavors of regexp engines, such us, .NET, Java, JavaScript, PCRE, Perl, Python, Ruby.

This cookbook provides a basic introductory chapter, then later chapters becomes more explicit for common programmatic expressions (very wide scope), that most coders would need sometime in their projects, for instance, URLs, Comments, Numbers, Dates (arghhh), XML, CSV, among others.

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