15 September 2015

It is not a bug

PPA: NO_PUBKEY C2518248EEA14886

I faced the following error in Ubuntu 15.04 when trying to: sudo apt-get update

GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net vivid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C2518248EEA14886
Googling, there are several solutions for it, but none worked.
Only a old script that is in a couple of Ubuntu forums:



# This script adds PPA keys to the primary keyring in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg
# thus getting around the GPG limit of 40 keyrings.
# WARNING: It's only intended as the last resort measure.
# Rather than using it, reduce your use of PPAs.
set -e


[ -r /etc/lsb-release ] && . /etc/lsb-release ||
{ echo Cannot read /etc/lsb-release >&2; exit 1;}

[ Ubuntu = "$DISTRIB_ID" ] ||
{ echo This script is supposed to run on Ubuntu >&2; exit 2;}

{ echo Cannot determine installed Ubuntu release >&2; exit 2;}

usage() {
# Parameter: $1 - error message
<<! cat >&2
Usage: sudo $0
Example: sudo $0 $codename
exit 3

[ 0 = `id -u` ] || usage "Please run with sudo"

if [ -x /usr/bin/ubuntu-distro-info ]
codenames=`/usr/bin/ubuntu-distro-info --all | tr '\n' \|`
eval \
case \$1 in \
"$codenames$codename"') codename=$1;;
*) usage "Wrong release name: $1";;' \
[ 12 -le "${release%%.*}" ] &&
<<! cat >&2
This script works best with package 'distro-info' installed.

Consider installing distro-info with
sudo apt-get install distro-info

Continuing execution anyway


case $1 in
lucid|precise|trusty|utopic|vivid|$codename) codename=$1;;
*) usage "Wrong release name: $1";;

echo "Release: $codename"
echo Please wait...

tempfile() {
# Parameters: $1 - variable to hold the file name
# $2 - short file content description
local tmp
if tmp=`mktemp`
eval "$1='$tmp'"
currenttrap="${currenttrap}rm -f -- '$tmp';"
trap "$currenttrap" EXIT
echo "Cannot create temporary file for $2" >&2
exit 2

tempfile sources 'APT sources'
tempfile fingerprints 'key fingerprints'
tempfile key 'signing key'

eval $(apt-config shell sourcelist Dir::Etc::SourceList/f)
eval $(apt-config shell sourceparts Dir::Etc::SourceParts/d)
grep -hs '^[^#]' "$sourcelist" "$sourceparts"*.list > "$sources" ||:
grep -q '^Types:' "$sources" && {
echo "This script doesn't work with RFC822-style sources.list" >&2; exit 2

for ppaowner in $(
awk -F/ '/^deb[ \t]+.*ppa\.launchpad.*[ \t]+'$codename'/{print$4}' \
wget -qO- "$launchpadapi/~$ppaowner/ppas" |
awk -F'": "|"}' -v'RS="?, "' '/key_fingerprint/{print $2}' |
sort -u >> "$fingerprints"
for fingerprint in `sort -u "$fingerprints"`
wget -qO- "$keyserver/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x$fingerprint" |
sed '/-BEGIN/,/-END/!d' > "$key"
if test "$fingerprint" = "$(
apt-key adv --with-colons --with-fingerprint "$key" |
awk -F: '/^fpr/{print $10}'
apt-key add "$key"
<<! cat - "$key" >&2
Key rejected: retrieved key doesn't match the fingerprint!

Fingerprint: $fingerprint

Retrieved key:
$(apt-key adv --with-fingerprint "$key")
================================================== ========

rm -f -- "$sources" "$fingerprints" "$key"
trap - EXIT

WebLogic Server XML Parsers

Many times there are question in WebLogic Server about parser factories:

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory.setFeature

  java.lang.ClassCastException: weblogic.xml.jaxp.RegistryXMLInputFactory cannot be cast to javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory
    Error weblogic.xml.jaxp.RegistryXMLInputFactory cannot be cast to javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory

 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/ClassLoader;)Ljavax/xml/parsers/DocumentBuilderFactory;

Because the classpath retrieve from different parts these implemenations, including the JDK6 which bundles in it now.

This is how you can change by system properties the implementation, using xerces:

-Djavax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory=org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl -Djavax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory=org.apache.xerces.jaxp.DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl -Djavax.xml.parsers.SAXParser=org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserImpl

maybe you'll need to add xercesImpl.jar to your classpath. 

More info: 


09 July 2015

Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary

Although, it is on the web, it is not easier to get a basic/minimal Eclipse installer.

You need to go to: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/
and get the desired version.

i.e.: 4.5 Luna: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.5-201506032000/

There you can find several basic binaries, such us, SDK, Plug-ins, SDK-RPC, etc.

The smallest is: Platform Runtime Binary

More details in each binary: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.5-201506032000/details.html#PlatformRuntime

Anyway, if you want this basic version to install another plug-ins, such us, Dynamic Languages Toolkit then you need to download another version (it is not sufficent with only PLatform Runtime Binary).

01 June 2015

monson-haefel.com @archive.org

The domain http://www.monson-haefel.com/ seems to be lost by Monson-Haefel and for the same reason the Errata page of his bestselling J2EE Web Services http://www.monson-haefel.com/jws_errata.html

Although, it is JAX-RPC and kind of old for current days, still is a good knowledge repository.

The page can be retrieved at https://web.archive.org/web/20111206223908/http://www.monson-haefel.com/jws_errata.html

12 March 2015

Wonders of Numbers: Adventures in Mathematics, Mind, and Meaning

Fe de Errata

Small Errata for Hardcover First Edition of Wonders of Numbers

page 205, boxed equation, Chapter 89, near bottom: "c" should be superscripted

page 358, Chapter 89, 2nd line in Further Exploring: "c" should be superscripted

page 216, Chapter 95, line 3, missing upside-down F symbol. Should read "F(24)" not "(24)", where the "F" is the upside-down symbol. Similarly line 2 should read "Let's define a new function F(n)."

page 262, figure drawing error. Line segment misplaced. Figure 114.1 should have a line connecting point B to the dot directly to the the left instead of the line from the point below B to the point directly to the left.

page 374, figure drawing error. Line segment misplaced. Figure 114.1 should have a line connecting point B to the dot directly to the the left instead of the line from the point below B to the point directly to the left.
page 94, Equation 10 towards the bottom of the page is missing an italics "i" before the "sin".
page 379, it says " 9 + 9 + 999 = 1000 " should be " 9/9 + 999 = 1000 " 



I used to have a webpage where I was posting about recreational mathematics.
As usual, it can be found at archive.org:


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