02 March 2016

Sherlock Holmes Quotes

Interesting quotes from Sherlock Holmes:

From movie Mr. Holmes (2015)

I haven't a clue.
One can't solve everything.

From book A Scandal in Bohemia
It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data

01 March 2016

TeX file to PDF

We have two easy ways to achieve this

1. Go to a longer (but safer) path:

tex --> dvi --> ps --> pdf

By using:

tex example.tex
dvips example.dvi
ps2pdf example.ps

2. or using a straightforward tool:

pdftex example.tex

In both scenarios you'll get a PDF file.

Give it a try with several TeX files at Knuth's

29 February 2016

The Scrum Field Guide

I have won a free book from coderanch. After asking a politic question, I am going to receive it.
Interesting book, and even more interesting was the thread I had with the author (Mitch).

UPDATE1 (30.03.2016) I received the book



Image from http://ecx.images-amazon.com


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