20 November 2014

If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript, Angus Croll

If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript
By Angus Croll
Publisher: No Starch Press
Final Release Date: October 2014
Pages: 192
This book has an Interesting proposal, art is an important part of this book, an hybrid release, thinking out-of-the-box.

It express that Javascript is more creative/dynamic than Java (for instance), which makes it a little more risky ? :-) . Nice to read these conjectures in a book, beyond the common book prototype avoiding the structured order we see in a programming book (training us to be into a factory as creator of code (developer).

It gives classical assignments of an introductory programming course; using Javascript, which is the de-facto language for novice coders.

A good sense of humor has the author and must have the reader (well... geek humor), it gives ludic analysis to simple snippet codes. Giving an implicit criticism to the authors' work.

One way to open your mind, and probably a must have coffee table book.

It maximize the way to do the same task with different approaches with a versatile language. Again: more than a laugh we can get here.

I humbling reckon that several authors I didn’t know…. from this point of view, it helped me (forced me) to learn more about universal literature. It is amusing to see Roberto Bolaño as a Javascript coder ;-) 

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