13 November 2013

Java Network Programming by Elliotte Rusty Harold; O'Reilly Media

Java Network Programming, 4th Edition
Developing Networked Applications
By Elliotte Rusty Harold

Wisely divided in 13 main parts, reviewing transversely all the network API (and more).
Starting from basic network concepts, including information about NIO, Asynchronous Channels, Socket Options (Java 7), until IP Multicasting. Author mentions that Java Network API is stable since version 1.0 and we shouldn't have any issue after Java 8 is released, anyway as we know, always these future assumptions must be taken carefully about any migration.

Being the 4th edition, it is certainly a proved book, with mature information about the network scope.

Very detailed information on its coding examples, regarding the interfaces, constructors, direct/undirected classes, event handlers, exception handling, and their respective methods.
At the end, explain how this complex API can be used in the expected/correct fashion.

Similar to the new (2nd) edition of Java Web Services book, there is an emphasis on the current de-facto REST standard.

Kind of bible, reference and cookbook of network Java, responding all the most common doubts (and some very peculiar).
for the beginner and advanced developer, well redacted.

Although there are a lot of snippet code in the book, the complete examples can be downloaded from author's website.

10 November 2013

Companion to the Papers of Donald Knuth, Errata

I just bought Companion to the Papers of Donald Knuth and it is a nice book, as usual with many information of high quality of Dr Knuth.

This time I have found simple Spanish cute accent typos, I have received another 0x$1.00 and my simple contribution to these fabulous series book.

My current balance is: 0x$3.40
(Plus the checks)

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