16 September 2013

Java Web Services: Up and Running by Scott Berkun; O'Reilly Media

Java Web Services: Up and Running by Scott Berkun; O'Reilly Media

2nd edition: RESTful context and more:
It has been recently released The second edition of Java Web Services: Up & Running, this means full new content (almost a trend in O'reilly Java titles), and not only an update of bugs and reader's comments.

This new edition focuses in the (not new, but fashion) RESTful services. Today, it is clear the current trend is to use less restrictive REST services and lightweight JSON. Keeping most chapters under this context, it get along with examples and info about WADL, Security JSON, etc.

Also, mentions different implementation Jersey, CXF, among others, so it reach a wider crowd for any doubts and details on these implementations. While in the client side has references to JAXB, Amazon, XStream, Axis.

SOAP Handler, using JAX-WS handlers, shows examples in how an incoming/outcoming SOAP message can be handled to implement business logic in the middle of the conversation; very useful for some security constraint inside of a typical workflow.

Last, but not Least, Security, another important tier on WS, it is covered with simple JAAS and SSL (or better said HTTPS), WS-Security.

Interesting is to mention several (perhaps most important) Java Application Servers, because most examples are using Tomcat, however take time and space to describe tips on
Source code, which is available to be downloaded from Git directly.

At the end, similar to the first edition, a not-so deep introduction the current de facto spec for webservices, giving a compass a quick answer about it.

Small and easy to read, not a cookbook, although several examples could be considered recipes.

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