08 September 2006

Eclipse JSP Styles

I have been seen how Eclipse IDE has been growing by the community, sometimes with huge improvement for code donation, however there are some features left that can be found in the plug-ins, but not always, by instance in JSP editing (inherated form Lomboz plug-in) it use to be yellow all the tags from Struts/JSTL/etc. and leaving blank the rest helping to see more easily the JSP/Tag code from Javascript/HTML.

This works great for Struts framework pages, where coexistence between HTML and Struts/JSTL Tags is important, but now working with JSF it is not for much help because here (at least for a average scenario) our code doesn’t contain traditional HTML tags (or a few tags) only JSF-HTML tags, so the final rendering it’s only a yellow stain, thus we better change under:

Window->Preferences->Web and XML->JSP Files->JSP Styles

the “Restore Defaults” and has a better looking. nevertheless if we open a struts projec again we loose this yellow easy to see feature, just right here we can change outside the IDE itself the following file


which can be found at


inside can be seeing verbatim the codes of the colors:

#Fri Sep 30 15:10:35 VET 2005
tagBorder=\#008080 | \#ffff80 | false
tagAttributeName=\#7f007f | \#ffff80 | false
tagName=\#3f7f7f | \#ffff80 | false
SCRIPT_AREA_BORDER=\#bf5f3f | \#ffff80 | false
tagAttributeValue=\#2a00ff | \#ffff80 | false
jsp_content=null | \#ffff80 | false
commentBorder=\#3f5fbf | \#ffff80 | false
commentText=\#3f5fbf | \#ffff80 | false

the .metadata directory can be found in your workspace -your workspace by default is under eclipse directory, however is a good practice is to have it in a different place (and your plug-ins too).

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