29 August 2013

Oracle WebLogic Server Schema home

A not very known, but useful page:

A list of WLS schemas, from 10.3.1 till 12.1.3 :



Among others...

Different info can be retrieved from these schema URLs, and check their version progression, i.e.:


List of schema versions for http://xmlns.oracle.com/weblogic/weblogic-application

1.0 : Released with WLS v10.3.1.0
1.1 : Released with WLS v10.3.3.0
1.2 : Released with WLS v10.3.4.0
1.3 : Released with WLS v10.3.6.0
1.4 : Released with WLS v12.1.1.0
1.5 : Released with WLS v12.1.2.0
1.6 : Released with WLS v12.1.3.0

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