21 September 2018

Oracle Traffic Director tuning

  • Number of acceptor threads

    Acceptor threads receive client requests and put them in the connection queue. When an Oracle Traffic Director instance starts, it creates the specified number of acceptor threads for each listener. If the number of acceptor threads for a listener is not specified, Oracle Traffic Director creates one acceptor thread per CPU on the host.

    Too many idle acceptor threads place an unnecessary burden on the system, while having too few acceptor threads might result in client requests not being accepted. One acceptor thread per CPU, which is the default setting, is an acceptable trade-off in most situations.

    For HTTP 1.0 workloads, which necessitate opening and closing a relatively large number of connections, the default number of acceptor threads—1 per listener—would be suboptimal. Consider increasing the number of acceptor threads.


Description of ''Figure 14-1 Connection Handling in Oracle Traffic Director ''

Description of ''Figure 14-2 Connection Handling in Oracle Traffic Director with Keep Alive Enabled''


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