04 July 2011

Awkward Javadoc comments

There are several funny Javadocs explaining methods, properties and/or examples:

1. Catastrophic :

public interface ClusterLeaderListener 

void localServerLostClusterLeadership()

This method is called if the local server is already the cluster leader i.e. localServerIsClusterLeader() has already been called and subsequently the server loses the cluster leadership. This can only happen under catastrophic conditions. This condition is fatal. 

2. Draconian :


class DraconianErrorHandler implements ErrorHandler {
     public void fatalError( SAXParseException e ) throws SAXException {
         throw e;
     public void error( SAXParseException e ) throws SAXException {
         throw e;
     public void warning( SAXParseException e ) throws SAXException {
         // noop

3. Draconian' :


public static final org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler DRACONIAN_ERROR_HANDLER

// ErrorHandler that always treat the error as fatal.


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