06 September 2016

Oscon 2016, May Austin TX

This was the schedule for this conference, with the Keynotes I attended:


8:45am Wednesday opening welcome Kelsey Hightower (Google), Rachel Roumeliotis (O'Reilly Media), Scott Hanselman (Microsoft)
8:55am Keynote performance by Sammus Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo (Sammus)
9:30am How did I "git" here? A tale of a CS professor Kyla McMullen (University of Florida)
9:45am Huawei’s open source journey Sanqi Li (Huawei)
9:55am The case for a unified and interoperable open cloud ecosystem Sam Ramji (Cloud Foundry Foundation)
10:15am Closing remarks

11:05am Java 9 sneak peek: An embedded tale Matt Schuetze (Azul Systems) 
11:55am Intro to Apache Spark for Java and Scala developers Ted Malaska (Cloudera)  
1:50pm CarbonData : A new Hadoop-native file format for faster data analysis Jihong MA (Huawei) 
2:40pm Open source and microservices: Your badass, next-gen application architecture Ken Owens (Cisco)
4:20pm Microservices war stories Blithe Rocher (Fastly) 
5:10pm Civic data: Using open source data to create socially impactful data-driven products Vida Williams (Axis Partners, Inc) 


8:50am Thursday opening welcome Scott Hanselman (Microsoft), Rachel Roumeliotis (O'Reilly Media), Kelsey Hightower (Google)
9:20am Sustainability in open source Danese Cooper (PayPal)
9:45am Crossing the river by feeling the stones Simon Wardley (Leading Edge Forum (CSC))
10:00am O'Reilly Open Source Awards | Room: Ballroom D
10:10am Closing remarks
11:05am Static and dynamic data with Postgres, Kafka, and Bottled Water Chad Bailey (Heroku ) 
11:55am NoSQL's biggest lie: SQL never went away Matthew Revell (Exoscale) 
1:50pm Real-time democratizing of event-driven big data Rachel Reese (Jet.com) 
2:40pm Open source or proprietary: Choose wisely Patrick McFadin (DataStax) 
4:20pm Java 8 puzzlers: The strange, the bizarre, and the wonderful Baruch Sadogursky (JFrog), Vikto
5:10pm A data-streaming architecture with Apache Flink Jamie Grier (data Artisans) 

Open Source Convention - O'Reilly OSCON, May 16 - 19, 2016



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