24 November 2017

HTTP Codes

La arquitectura Rest se basa fuertemente en el protocolo HTTP, por lo cual es importante responder (y parsear al recibir) los diferentes códigos HTTP que existen.
Los códigos están agrupados por las siguientes categorías:
  • 1xx – Informational
  • 2xx – Successful
  • 3xx – Redirection
  • 4xx - Client Error
  • 5xx - Server Error
El proyecto rest-error-handler hace uso granular de estos códigos.
Deberíamos usar solo los códigos más útiles (top “10”) que son los siguientes:

HTTP Response codes

200OKSuccessfully executed. should be used to indicate nonspecific success
201CREATEDSuccessfully executed and a new resources has been created. The response body is either empty or contains a URI(s) of the created resource. The location header should should also contain the new URI
202ACCEPTEDThe request was valid and has been accepted but has not yet been processed. The response should include a URI to poll for status updates on the request. Allows for asynchronous request ( start of an asynchronous action)
204NO_CONTENTThe request was successful but the server did not have a response. should be used when the response body is intentionally empty.
Ejemplo: Si se busca el listado de productos para un cliente y el cliente existe pero la lista es vacía, el estado es 204
301MOVED_PERMANENTLYThe new location should be returned in the response ( should be used to relocate resources)
302REDIRECTThe HTTP response status code 302 Found is a common way of performing URL redirection.
400BAD_REQUESTMalformed or invalid request
401UNAUTHORIZEDInvalid authorization credentials
403FORBIDDENDisallowed request. Security error
404NOT_FOUNDResource not found.
Ejemplo: Si se busca un cliente por rut y éste no existe, el estado es 404
405METHOD_NOT_ALLOWEDMethod (verb) not allowed for requested resource. Response will provide an “Allow” header to indicate what is allowed
415UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPEClient submitted a media type that is incompatible for the specified resource.
500INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORCatchall for server processing problem
503SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEResponse in the face of too many request

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