16 September 2021

netcat - nc


-n : skip DNS lookups
-u : Use of UDP mode (instead of TCP)
-v : Extensive output
-w : timeout (seconds)
-z : Port scanner mode (zero I/O mode); only listening services are scanned (no data is sent)

Scan port 123 for NTP:
nc -z -v -u 123

scan ports:
nc -w 2 -z 1-1024

nc -v -n 1-1000

30 July 2021

22 July 2021

AWS Serverless Data Lake Framework

SDLF is a peculiar framework developed by AWS as a Data Lake using their services.

It is interesting how it creates two pipelines where the data is parsed (reduced), process as a big ETL, where finally can be exploited by BI products.

- AWS Glue
- S3
- Lambda




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