01 July 2019

Continuous: Integration --> Delivery --> Deployment

Continuous integration:  The concept here is to have multiple devs on a project to keep the main branch of the repo to the most current form of the source code, so each dev can check out or pull from the latest code to avoid conflicts.

Continuous integration puts a great emphasis on testing automation to check that the application is not broken whenever new commits are integrated into the main branch.

Continuous Delivery is a small build cycle with short sprints…
Where the aim is to keep the code in a deployable state at any given time. This does not mean the code or project is 100% complete, but the feature sets that are available are vetted, tested, debugged and ready to deploy, although you may not deploy at that moment.  The focus and key here are to keep the code base at a deployable state.

Continuous delivery is an extension of continuous integration to make sure that you can release new changes to your customers quickly in a sustainable way.

Continuous Deployment, every change that is made is automatically deployed to production.
Continuous deployment goes one step further than continuous delivery.


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