09 February 2009

25 Years Puzzle: The Spy Strikes Back

In the 80s I played a game for the Atari 8bit called The Spy Strikes Back, It had a hidden message, but I wasn't able to solve by that time (The game is really hard). Today with an emulator is much easier to reach the final game (saving states).

Therefore I start to work on it, first of all, to find every clue because I knew there was a hidden message probably a cryptogram. I was encoded in a nice color/sound way, which only can be seen in a video.

The cryptogram can be seen more easily with the following picture:

The hidden message (cryptogram) is:
not a capitol but has only one salt can be found on its east its constitution is wooden and it lies in the land of the free send answer to preston.
Which is a riddle, after a small brainstorming with ibaeza I was able to solve and the solution is Boston.

Afterward, I contacted the original author and he responded to me:

> 2009/2/20 Mark Pelczarski wrote:
> And many people in the U.S. think that Boston is the capital of
> Massachusetts, because it is the largest city in the state.
> It is not.
> But it has "one capital"..... "B".
> Mark
>2009/2/20 Mark Pelczarski wrote:
> The USS Constitution is wooden.
> The salt is in the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean, which lies to the east
> of the city.
> Congratulations!!
> - Mark

>> German Gonzalez wrote:
>> By the way the answer is Boston?
>> because I think the Salt is the USS Constitution that was in the
>> Boston Harbor that is in the east of that city.
Thus everything looks fine and problem solved :P

More information in Spanish can be found at:


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