21 December 2012

Oracle VirtualBox stuck installation

When re-installing Virtualbox, it hangs and nothing happens.

Googling I found the solution:

Pasting the answers here:

VirtualBox doesn't install startup items or services on Windows host, rather it installs several device drivers which may be the ones giving you problems. Depending on your settings during the installation, these drivers should be in your system:  
VBoxDrv VirtualBox Support Driver Oracle Corporation c:\windows\system32\drivers\vboxdrv.sys  
VBoxNetAdp VirtualBox Host-Only Network Adapter Driver Oracle Corporation 
c:\windows\system32\drivers\vboxnetadp.sys VBoxNetFlt VirtualBox 
Bridged Networking Driver Oracle Corporation 
VBoxUSBMon VirtualBox USB Monitor Driver Oracle Corporation c:\windows\system32\drivers\vboxusbmon.sys 
TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 - VirtualBox Bridged Networking Driver Miniport  
Try using a program like Autoruns to disable those drivers and check the Device Manager for any VirtualBox related entries that may be marked as a problem. If the failed installation still shows on in your Programs and Features, try using CCleaner to remove that entry from the list. Before trying to reinstall again, download the latest release of VirtualBox and make sure the installer's checksum is correct. 
Post a reply if this helps you or not. 


Thanks for those pointers - I think I have now solved the problem!  
Starting with a system that has VirtualBox installed and was thus hanging on reboot I did several 'shutdown->restart's to prove the frequency. I got 4 hangs out of 8 reboots.  
Then I looked for the drivers. I could only find 3 - VboxNetAdp, VboxUsbMon and VboxDrv. (The last 2 are 'hidden - non PnP drivers' you have to enable hidded drivers to see them. I disabled all three and repeated the restart tests: 8/8 success!  
Now I changed the status of VboxDrv and VboxUsbMon from 'system' to 'demand'. That failed first time so I tried 'automatic'. Then I did the restart tests again: 8/8 success. Re enable the VboxNetAdp as well... again success!  
Now I had re-enabled all the drivers so I tried running Virtualbox again with complete success. So far I have had no hangs on restart with those two non PnP drivers set to automatic. (See here for an explanation of driver startup types http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us [...] 25630.aspx )  
BTW the checksum on the package is wrong! Oracle have released a new version of the VirtualBox without updating the MD5 page. You can see the release number of the installer is different from that quoted on the checksum page!  
Thanks again - problem solved!

30 October 2012

RegExp Q*Bert

I was reading the famous Coding Horror and his comparison between RegExp and Q*Bert languages is very funny and "accurate".

This remains me the post of the new book of RegExp cookbook 2nd ed :


Still I think there must be a better solution for it. Anyone ?

24 October 2012

Bobby Fishcer jugando tenis de mesa

Estas fotos de Bobby Fishcer jugando ping-pong son de culto:

Imagenes del documental de HBO: Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011):

Documental de uno de los mas grandes jugadores de ajedrez del mundo, Bobby Fischer. Muestra de forma agil y entretenida la vida inicial de este genio que de forma autodidactitca aprendio y supero las tecnicas de la epoca ajedrecistica.
Entrevistas a los principales actores del gran bullado campeonato del mundo de 1972 contra Spassky. Filmaciones de la epoca y como algo tan lento pudo tomar tanta atencion, que claro que por el tema de la guerra fria, hizo un impacto global.
Despues de llegar a una cuspide insuperable se ve la caid libre de este gran jugador que años despues pudimos ver por enfermedades mentales no tratadas cayo en un decadencia sin retorno. Entrega una triste y real vision de lo que sucedio con él y quizas deja un espacio al libre albedrio para imaginar si hubiese jugado contra Karpov y seguido una vida mas racional.
Curioso detalles es la locura de varios grandes jugadores mencionados en el filme... será un patrón o mera coincidencia ?
Para cuaquier persona que haya jugado a algun nivel o respete este deporte-ciencia, es una manera fresca y dinamica de ver esta biografia del mas grande los los jugadores norteamericanos.

25 September 2012

NPE: Node Manager

Working with WLS 10.3.5 and trying to start Node Manager (NM) using a script startNodeManager.cmd (yes, windows).

The following error was thrown:

Node manager v10.3

Configuration settings:
























        at java.util.Hashtable.containsKey(Hashtable.java:314)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.initNetworkInfoList(NMServerConfig.java:491)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.getNetworkInfoList(NMServerConfig.java:481)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.print(NMServerConfig.java:599)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.print(NMServerConfig.java:561)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServer.(NMServer.java:166)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServer.main(NMServer.java:375)
        at weblogic.NodeManager.main(NodeManager.java:31)Sep 25, 2012 12:13:20 PM weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServer mainSEVERE: Fatal error in node manager serverjava.lang.NullPointerException
        at java.util.Hashtable.containsKey(Hashtable.java:314)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.initNetworkInfoList(NMServerConfig.java:491)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.getNetworkInfoList(NMServerConfig.java:481)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.print(NMServerConfig.java:599)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServerConfig.print(NMServerConfig.java:561)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServer.(NMServer.java:166)
        at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMServer.main(NMServer.java:375)
        at weblogic.NodeManager.main(NodeManager.java:31)

goto finish


This can be fixed by applying patch 12564602

03 September 2012

Oreilly Second Edition of Regular Expressions Cookbook

I was reading the free sampler of this new edition and paid my attention the reference to Recipe 6.7:

So I tested it, but it doesn't work as expected:

String regexp = "(?:429496729[0-5]|42949672[0-8][0-9]|4294967[01][0-9]{2}|429496[0-6]?[0-9]{3}|42949[0-5][0-9]{4}|4294[0-8][0-9]{5}|429[0-3][0-9]{6}|42[0-8]?[0-9]{7}|4[01][0-9]{8}|3[0-9]{9}|2[2-9][0-9]{8}|21[5-9][0-9]{7}|214[89]?[0-9]{6}|2147[5-9][0-9]{5}|214749[0-9]{4}|214748[4-9][0-9]{3}|2147483?[7-9][0-9]{2}|21474836[5-9][0-9]|214748364[89])"; 

String text = "214748364 8 2147483648 2147483650 4294967295";

I get the following results:


is this a typo in the book or maybe RegexMagic is wrong.




29 August 2012

How to retrieve XML sent into SOAP Payload

Using WebLogic Server 10.3.5 , we need a way to retrieve XML payload that is not sent between CDATA:


To implement the solution, please use the following snippet code to achieve the requirement:

To achieve this, we use JAX-RPC and following webservice endpoint:
in the method nodeToString() we are getting the XML as String:


public String sayHello(javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement message) {


System.out.println("sayHello:" + message.toString());

System.out.println("sayHello:" + message.getClass());


String xml_str = nodeToString(message);




return "Here is the message: '" + message + "'";


private String nodeToString(Node node) {

StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();

try {

System.out.println("Start string conversion...");

Transformer t = TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer();

t.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.OMIT_XML_DECLARATION, "yes");

t.transform(new DOMSource(node), new StreamResult(sw));

} catch (TransformerException te) {

System.out.println("nodeToString Transformer Exception");


System.out.println("end string conversion...");

return sw.toString();


There is a workaround escaping the XML with CDATA or XML entities < >
but the solution would be to use javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement as parameter of the webservice endpoint

28 August 2012

Numbers with Thousand Separators

My solution for Numbers with Thousand Separators regexp:


27 June 2012

Vintage Chess

Estos son post antiguos que tengo en otro blog, creo que son interesantes de tenerlos aca ta,bien:

Colossus Chess 4.0 (a8) v/s GNU Chess

Por fin pude lograr hacer jugar (a través del protocolo UCI) a Colossus Chess 4.0 y GNU Chess para poder generar un nivel al muy buen producto de 8 bits Colossus Chess que era el mejor de la época.

Colossus hizo una buena presentación considerando los 8 bits y 1.67mhz del atari contra:
Hardware: Mobile AMD Sempron™ Processor 3000+ 1794 MHz with 1.152 MB Memory

Bueno el juego lo pueden ver a continuación (para algún tipo de análisis para jugadores) y el archivo PGN.

GNU Chess (white) / Atari Colossus Chess 4. 0 (Black)

1. e2e4 / e7e5
2. g1f3 / g8f6
3. b1c3 / f8b4
4. a2a3 / b4c3
5. d2c3 / d7d6
6. c1g5 / e8g8
7. f1e2 / b8c6
8. d1d3 / c8g4
9. e1c1 / a8c8
10. h2h3 / g4h5
11. d3e3 / h5f3
12. e3f3 / a7a5
13. h3h4 / d8e7
14. h1h3 / f8d8
15. h4h5 / h7h6
16. g5f6 / e7f6
17. f3f6 / g7f6
18. h3f3 / g8g7
19. d1d3 / d8e8
20. f3f5 / e8e7
21. d3g3 / g7h7
22. f5f6 / c8d8
23. e2c4 / d8f8
24. f6f5 / h7h8
25. g3g6 / f7g6
26. f5f8 / h8h7
27. h5g6 / h7g6
28. c1d2 / g6g7
29. f8g8 / g7f6
30. g8h8 / f6g7
31. h8a8 / g7f6
32. c4d5 / e7g7
33. g2g3 / a5a4
34. d2e3 / h6h5
35. a8a4 / b7b5
36. a4a8 / c6e7
37. a8f8 / f6g5
38. d5f7 / h5h4
39. g3h4 / g5h4
40. f7e8 / c7c6
41. f8h8 / h4g5
42. h8h5 / g5g4
43. h5h6 / g7g8
44. e8d7 / g4g5
45. h6e6 / g8g7
46. e6d6 / g7g6
47. d6g6 / g5g6
48. f2f4 / e5f4
49. e3f4 / g6f6
50. e4e5 / f6f7
51. f4e3 / f7g6
52. e3d4 / g6g5
53. d4c5 / g5f4
54. c5d6 / e7f5
55. d7f5 / f4f5
56. e5e6 / f5f6
57. e6e7 / c6c5
58. e7e8q / b5b4
59. e8e6 / f6g5
60. d6e5 / b4a3
61. e6f5 / g5h4
62. e5f4 / a3b2
63. f5-g4+

Colossus Tournament

Finally I made to play both Colossus Chess (3 & 4) against each other, where the last one won without any doubt 9.5 - 0.5

CC3 hardly got a the 4th game ending in a draw. Here it's the tournament in PGN to watch it in some chess software such as Arena.

Finalmente hice jugar a los Colossus Chess 3 y 4, donde el último ganó sin apelación 9,5 - 0,5

CC3 Apenas logró una tabla en el cuarto juego. Aquí les dejo el archivo del torneo en PGN para poder visualizarlo en algún software como Arena.
Aocho_cc4 = Colossus Chess 4.0
Aocho_cc3 = Colossus Chess 3.0

1Aocho_cc49,5/10· ·· ·· ·· ··111=1111114,75
2Aocho_cc30,5/10000=000000· ·· ·· ·· ··4,75

Sieve of Eratosthenes

TODO: hay un bug en el codigo, probar lo nuevo en cc65.. la version de action ta mala :(

Sieve of Eratosthenes o la Criba de Eratóstenes

Byte: http://www.xgc.com/benchmarks/sieve_c.htm

TODO: revisar: probar: http://www.atarimagazines.com/v7n7/SuperSieve.html

ComputerOperating SystemLanguageRun Time (Sec.)
68000 Atari 520STTOSC Digital CP/M 68K3.8
68000 Apple Macintosh-C Manx7
68000 Apple Macintosh-C Hippo L213
Z8001 5.5 MHZUnixC1.97
Z8000 Z-LabZeus UnixC4.8
Z80CP/MDigital Basic15.7
Z80CP/MMicroSoft COBOL5115
6502 Atari 800OS Rev.BACTION! display off:
display on:
6502 Atari 800OS Rev.BBASIC389
6502 Atari 800OS Rev.BBASIC XL214
Advan BASIC is filled with shortcuts like this. By the way, it ran my version of the Sieve of Eratosthenes in 13.8 seconds. The MMG compiler took 9 seconds, BASIC XL took 67 seconds and Atari BASIC hasn't finished yet. If that isn't fast enough, you can rewrite key routines in assembly language from within BASIC. Advan BASIC recognizes assembler mnemonics almost as if they were BASIC keywords. Not only is this great for people who know assembly language, but it can be a teriffic learning environment too.

Advan BASIC was already pretty fast. Now it's the fastest BASIC in Atari history. In our Sieve Benchmark, the Advan Optimizing Compiler is about four times faster than the MMG Compiler, six times faster than regular Advan, 20 times faster than compiled Turbo-BASIC XL and 120 times faster than uncompiled Atari BASIC. In fact, it's more than half the speed of ACTION!- that's getting real close to pure assembly language.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

C (Z-80)
3 sec
< 1 sec 132 sec
3140 secs
168 secs
18 secs
14 secs

The resulting object file has a very rapid run-time. Ten iterations of the Eratosthenes Prime Number Sieve (see "First ST Performance Test," Antic, October 1985) ran in about 120 seconds with the screen on. With the screen off, the same program ran in just 80 seconds.


PD: post pendiente desde 2009 :S

22 June 2012

Eclipse M2: requires 'bundle org.hamcrest 0.0.0' but it could not be found

When trying to install M2 plugin to Helios the following error was thrown:
Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
  Software being installed: m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse Update Site (org.eclipse.m2e.site.feature.group
  Missing requirement: Maven Integration Tests Plug-in (org.eclipse.m2e.integration.tests.common requires 'bundle org.hamcrest 0.0.0' but it could not be found
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: m2e - Extensions Development Support (Optional) (org.eclipse.m2e.sdk.feature.feature.group
    To: org.eclipse.m2e.integration.tests.common []
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse Update Site (org.eclipse.m2e.site.feature.group
    To: org.eclipse.m2e.sdk.feature.feature.group []

The quick solution is:

unselecting the M2Eclipse Extensions Development Support (Optional) and Maven Integration for Eclipse Update site items let me get through the install process..



13 May 2012

Project Euler: Problem 54

After 798 lines of code, I was able to solve... I thin it took me too much effort and line of codes... there are a couple method I may factor, however it doesn't worth it; I got the correct answer and I move to the next problem.

It seems the problems that are based on real one, and kind of easy to do, but take more time than usual:

Problem 54: Poker
Problem 84: Monopoly
Problem 96: Sudoku
Problem 109: Darts
Problem 185: Mastermind

Even more, these can be calculated with pencil & paper.

11 May 2012

Filtering Classloading Failing With "ServletException: Servlet class: does not implement javax.servlet.Servlet"

In Oracle Weblogic Server


When having a POJO with @WebService annotation and the following is been thrown by WLS:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet class: 'TestWS' does not implement javax.servlet.Servlet
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubSecurityHelper$ServletInitAction.run(StubSecurityHelper.java:292)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubSecurityHelper$ServletInitAction.run(StubSecurityHelper.java:250)
at weblogic.security.acl.internal.AuthenticatedSubject.doAs(AuthenticatedSubject.java:321)
at weblogic.security.service.SecurityManager.runAs(SecurityManager.java:120)
at weblogic.servlet.provider.WlsSubjectHandle.run(WlsSubjectHandle.java:57)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubSecurityHelper.initServletInstance(StubSecurityHelper.java:94)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubSecurityHelper.createServlet(StubSecurityHelper.java:82)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubLifecycleHelper.createOneInstance(StubLifecycleHelper.java:74)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubLifecycleHelper.(StubLifecycleHelper.java:60)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubLifecycleHelper.(StubLifecycleHelper.java:34)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.initStubLifecycleHelper(ServletStubImpl.java:638)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.prepareServlet(ServletStubImpl.java:579)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.preloadServlet(WebAppServletContext.java:1874)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.loadServletsOnStartup(WebAppServletContext.java:1848)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.preloadResources(WebAppServletContext.java:1738)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.start(WebAppServletContext.java:2740)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppModule.startContexts(WebAppModule.java:1704)
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppModule.start(WebAppModule.java:781)


This occurs when classloading filtering is being used for the packages java.* or javax.*

Although this was common in 10.3.x, this is no longer supported since 12.1.1




remove the following tags from weblogic-application.xml and redeploy the application again:




10 May 2012

WebLogic Startup Mode: DEV v/s PROD

It is known that several features changes between development or production startup mode on WebLogic Server.

There is an interesting post at Frank Munz blog about it.

Until now, I have suggested about resource-reload-check-secs, webservice test client & CAT.

Probably still there are some features missing, so everybody is invited to comment.

28 April 2012

TopCoder book: cancelled

Unfortunately I have read that TopCoder book was cancelled.

This is from Oreilly's website: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596802707.do

This product has been canceled.

I hope this project will be finished sometime.


from TopCoder forum:

It is canceled as O'Reilly project; we're keeping the contents and the format and we're working on publishing it ourselves in electronic form.

26 April 2012

WLS: when recompiling EJB with new XSD from DDConverter NestedException Message is :011113

When attempting to pre-compile a MDB with appc the following error occurs:

[java][java] <Mar 9, 2012 10:07:20 AM EST> <Info> <J2EE> <BEA-160186> <Compiling EAR module "mdb_test.jar">
[java] 011113 NestedException Message is :011113
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.deployer.MessageDrivenBeanInfoImpl.(MessageDrivenBeanInfoImpl.java:739)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.deployer.BeanInfoFactory.createBeanInfoImpl(BeanInfoFactory.java:36)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.deployer.MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.initializeBeanInfos(MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.java:546)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.deployer.MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.(MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.java:242)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.ejbc.EJBCompiler.getStandAloneDeploymentInfo(EJBCompiler.java:1030)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.ejbc.EJBCompiler.setupEJB(EJBCompiler.java:131)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.ejbc.EJBCompiler.compileEJB(EJBCompiler.java:370)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.container.ejbc.EJBCompiler.compileEJB(EJBCompiler.java:336)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.tools.EJBModule.compileEJB(EJBModule.java:541)
[java] at weblogic.ejb.tools.EJBModule.compile(EJBModule.java:162)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.ToolsModuleWrapper.compile(ToolsModuleWrapper.java:107)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.flow.CompileModuleFlow.compileModules(CompileModuleFlow.java:133)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.flow.CompileModuleFlow.compile(CompileModuleFlow.java:59)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.FlowDriver$FlowStateChange.next(FlowDriver.java:70)
[java] at weblogic.application.utils.StateMachineDriver.nextState(StateMachineDriver.java:35)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.FlowDriver.nextState(FlowDriver.java:37)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.FlowDriver.run(FlowDriver.java:27)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.EARCompiler.compile(EARCompiler.java:53)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.flow.AppCompilerFlow.compileInput(AppCompilerFlow.java:101)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.flow.AppCompilerFlow.compile(AppCompilerFlow.java:35)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.FlowDriver$FlowStateChange.next(FlowDriver.java:70)
[java] at weblogic.application.utils.StateMachineDriver.nextState(StateMachineDriver.java:35)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.FlowDriver.nextState(FlowDriver.java:37)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.FlowDriver.run(FlowDriver.java:27)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.Appc.runBody(Appc.java:203)
[java] at weblogic.utils.compiler.Tool.run(Tool.java:158)
[java] at weblogic.utils.compiler.Tool.run(Tool.java:115)
[java] at weblogic.application.compiler.Appc.main(Appc.java:263)
[java] at weblogic.appc.main(appc.java:14)
[java] 011113

Customer has upgraded schema header Deployment Descriptor to EJB 3.1, provided by DDConverter.
however the EJB still is 2.1 therefore it is not good practice to give the 3.1 schema.

Change the ejb-jar.xml Deployment Descriptor Schema to:

<ejb-jar < xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee">xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee/ejb-jar_2_1.xsd" version="2.1">

then recompile the EJB again.

A similar behave has been found and solved in bug 13984579

20 April 2012

¡ Puzle !

Increiblemente vi en un libro infantil el siguiente angloamericanismo:

Asi que desde ahora seguire escribiendo: Puzle, Manayer y algún otra palabra novedosa aceptada por la RAE.

(Del ingl. puzzle).
1. m. rompecabezas (‖ juego).

16 April 2012

WLS extensions: JRF, OWSM, etc.

WebLogic Server 10.3.6 brings bundled JRF, OWSM and other extensions that many times are necessary for integration with other technologies.

Usually was necessary to install the whole Fusion Middleware, now it is much easier for development to obtain those libraries.

15 April 2012

ImageMagick Cheat Sheet

The following commands were taken from the internet, I will give acknowledge when found:

Windows version now uses "magick" as the command:

magick vlcsnap-1280-07-14-21h45m00s867.png -crop 400x360+0+0 i1.png


Command to create thumbnail:
convert -geometry 100x100 -quality 100 orgfilename.jpg thumbfilename.jpg

Command to rotate an image:
convert orgfilename.jpg -rotate 60 rotated60.jpg

Command to croping an image:
convert orgfilename.jpg -crop 128×128+50+50 cropped.jpg

Command to convert a directory of png images to gif:
mogrify -format gif *.png
mogrify -format webp *.png 

Command to watermarking with text:
convert orgfilename.jpg -font Arial -pointsize 20 -draw "gravity south fill black text 0,12 'Watermark' fill white text 1,11 'Watermark' " wmark_text_drawn.jpg

Command to convert pdf to png
convert pdffile.pdf -colorspace RGB -resample 72×72 -units PixelsPerInch -quality 90 -resize 500×500 -size 500×500 pngfile.png

Convert jpg to pdf
convert *.jpg output.pdf

PDF too big (from jpg)
convert -quality 60 *.jpg output.pdf

Resize an image:
convert image.jpg -resize 800 image.png
(porcentaje no me funco bien)

mogrify -path xx -resize 800 *.jpg

cd to the directory where your images are located (temp) after creating a new directory to hold the changed files (say, temp2)
mogrify -path fullpathto/temp2 -resize 60x60% -quality 60 -format jpg *.png

Compare to images:
compare image1 image2 -compose src diff.png
estas imagenes pueden ser en diferente formato inclusive ! 
compare PC-200617-1248-30.pdf PC-270717-1119-53.pdf diff.pdf (pdf)
Append two images:
convert image1.jpg image2.jpg -append result.jpg 

To verify ImageMagick is working properly, type the following in a Windows Command Prompt window:

convert logo: logo.gif
identify logo.gif


To see details of the image:

identify image.ext
[German@Downloads]$ identify dp1.jpg
dp1.jpg JPEG 300x374 300x374+0+0 8-bit sRGB 34082B 0.000u 0:00.009

Invert colors:

convert input.png -channel RGB -negate output.png 

Black & White colors:

convert input.png -colorspace Gray output.png


un muy buen copiador para perifericos que esten con problemas

ROBOCOPY source destination /MIR

   /MIR :: Mirror a complete directory tree.

   /R:n :: number of Retries on failed copies: default 1 million.
   /W:n :: Wait time between retries: default is 30 seconds.

   /S :: copy Subdirectories, but not empty ones.
   /E :: copy subdirectories, including Empty ones.


robocopy C:\development F:\backup\development /r:2 /w:2 /s

(este copia recursivo, reintentando solo 2 veces y si se ejecuta de nuevo excluye a los archivos ya copiados ~mirroring).

Un buen resumen aparece al final:
(tambien podria ser mas verboso)

                Total    Copied   Skipped  Mismatch    FAILED    Extras
     Dirs :     11882     11881         1         0         0         0
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    Speed :              567158 Bytes/sec.
    Speed :              32.453 MegaBytes/min.

    Ended : Sun Apr 15 19:33:30 2012

hay varias GUI no-oficiales y una oficial para robocopy, entre ellas: http://betterrobocopygui.codeplex.com/

29 March 2012

JDK 7 8 9 10

The new JDK's will have a new version every two years... now we won't wait for a unknown long time for a new version. Is that good ?

So you can correlate that JDK 10 will be on 2017

Why is this new frenzy creating new version numbering system?
FireFox and Chrome are running fast under this agile versioning...

28 February 2012

Certificaciones Java

Hubo un cambio importante en las certificaciones de Java, ahora hay mas subtipos, aun se mantienen las version par EE5 (siendo EE6 la actual), tambien se agregó J2SE 7, por unz razón obvia se cambió las siglas de ellas (usando el prefijo OC en vez de SC), etc.

Como ya es de costumbre (o mala costumbre) Oracle tiene un nuevo URL para la información de las certificaciones, divididas por capas de negocio: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=39

Por ejemplo, la antigua SCWCD ahora se convirtió en OCPWCD y su URL es: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=458&get_params=p_track_id:JEE5WCD

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