10 September 2013

WebLogic Server Default Encoding

A good question was asked at JavaRanch, regarding to parameter webapp.encoding.default

In the specification of JSP/Servelts set default to ISO-8859-1

There is a good summary in Japanese WebLogic Server documenttion, that for their context is a concurrent doubt.


Component Name Default Encoding
Servlet ISO-8859-1
JSP ISO-8859-1
XML format JSP Document UTF-8
Tag File ISO-8859-1
XML format Tag File UTF-8

Since ISO-8859-1 encoding is extensively used as default encoding except for XML components, encoding setting is essential for the use of multibyte characters. The details of settings for each Web component are shown below. The meaning of each column in the table is as follows:
  • Setting Location: Location where encoding is set.
  • Effective Area: Area where the setting is effective.
  • Setting Value: Character string used for setting.
  • J2EE Compliant: YES for J2EE compliant, NO for WebLogic Server proprietary specification.
  • Priority: The priority with which set value is used (the smaller the value, the higher priority). The lower priority will be overwritten by higher priority. In general, the one with smaller effective area will have higher priority, and vice versa.
  • Setting Example: Examples of encoding setting.

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