02 September 2014

WLS: Precompile ear/war EJB/JSP

WLS has a very useful tool to precompile EJBs and JSPs so we can avoid extra overhead at runtime on the container.

It is called APPC, this tool calls underneath to jspc and ejbc to achieve this task.

After calling setDomainEnv.sh (.cmd) we can execute directly: weblogic.appc [files]

Also, we can compile only JSPs files with: weblogic.jspc [files]

It is recommended to use it at development time as well, so we can hit compilation errors before the first request on the web container.

It exists the Ant task as well: wlapcc


java weblogic.jspc -forceGeneration -keepgenerated -verboseJspc -d d:\tmp\export\ -classpath .;D:\proj\webapp-wl-v4\web\WEB-INF\classes;D:\proj\webapp-wl-v4\foo.jar;D:\proj\webapp-wl-v4\lib\bar.jar index.jsp

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